Christi is the best [massage therapist] I have come across out of the 10+ places I have gone to get a massage! She not only is a sweet and very genuine person, but she gives you exactly what you want. She helped me so much when I was training for my first marathon by loosening up my IT band and my back. I highly recommend going to Christi and she will work wonders on your body! The hot stones are incredible and the Australian foot scrub as well! Thank you so much Christi for your kindness and your incredible massage therapy skills.
–Rachel, educator

Christi is a true healer. She is incredibly intuitive as to what the body and mind needs. Through her manual work, I always feel cared for and rejuvenated physically and spiritually. I am an extremely active person, incorporating heavy weight training and cardio, as well as a physically demanding job. I have never worked with a massage therapist that can feel and sense what my body needs in terms of treatment the way Christi does. She does not perform body work in the same style for everyone — she custom heals! Professionally, Christi is extremely organized and punctual. She is great with communication and scheduling. I HIGHLY recommend Christi at Urban Kneads!!
–Nicki, The Health and Beauty Project and personal trainer

My goal for starting Suite Spa was to create a platform where aspiring massage therapist could hone their skills in a spa environment and become world class massage therapist. It has been a pleasure to watch [Christi] grow over the years into a world class practitioner. [Her] sensitive and intelligent touch was what first stood out but [her] radiant personality and depth of caring honed these skills into a deeply relaxing and healing experience for our guests.
–Larry, Suite Spa Co. -Napa, CA

I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to have found Christi. …[She] worked MAGIC…I had received wonderful therapeutic massages years ago and had been so disappointed recently not to be able to find someone in the sacramento area who could offer me that same relief. Well, I have found her now!…Christi is GREAT at what she does, but it is clear that this is not just a job for her -she [performs massage] out of love and a want to help people. She is very approachable and very kind.
–Celine, Pediatric Nurse -Sacramento,CA