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Welcome to Urban Kneads

Urban Kneads offers integrative and therapeutic massage in the Sacramento area,
Specializing in pain management and relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety
Our goal is to provide a customized massage experience for each individual
drawing from a variety of seasoned and extended techniques for long term results.
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Signature Services

Clinical Bodywork

This type of session is geared towards pain management, and anatomical rebalancing, and increasing Range of Motion . Combining Deep Tissue Technique , some Myofascial Release Methods , Deep Tissue , Sports Massage and sometimes we will include heat and essential oil support on case by base scenario. Ideal for guests who require more specific attention for injury and recuperation , yet can be soothing and therapeutic when necessary.

Integrated Hot Stone

The profound soothing effects of hot stones have been recognized by the East Indians, Native Americans, and other cultures around the world for centuries . This session is ideal for those who suffer from stress , anxiety , depression , and PTSD , due to the promotion of better circulation of oxygen and serotonin. We integrate Hot Stone therapy and clinical styles of massage for our own creative and effective signature style that really gets the kinks out with minimal discomfort.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is therapeutic by nature and is a fantastic alternative to deep tissue modalities. This method is ideal for range of motion , stretching the body capsule and myofascial release. This is also a great alternative to Prenatal Massage.  Most guests experience a sense of euphoria , inner calm , lessening of pain and greater flexibility .

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph Drainage sessions are really helpful during times of water retention, fluid build up and congestion of the sinuses, and lessening the pressure from lymphademas. Soothing and relaxing, this is a great detoxification technique to add to your wellness regimen.

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